This is a page for VK3GOM Graeme’s antenna system.

Bottom… 5el Triband Yagi

Missing…5el Mono Yagi for 6m, (home brew) (in mothballs)

12el Wide spaced (home brew) Yagi on 2m, 8m boom length.

23el Long (home brew) 70cm Yagi, 6m boom length.

Top is a Diamond 2m/70cm vertical for fm work.

All supported on a Nelly tilt over tower, the tower has approx 13 ton of concrete holding it down.

I’ve been on air as a ham now for over 25 years and have also held a VK8 call for 12 years.

I guess the most interesting part of the hobby is constructing something and at the end of the day it all works well.

Brought to you by: Goldfields DX Amateur Radio Group

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