Hello to you.

my main interests are in playing with spacecraft, talking to an astronaut or writing software that might be related to such pastimes. Talking to an astronaut, doesn't happen very often, only 4 so far. I did manage to speak with Dr Andy Thomas years ago, while he was onboard the space station as a member of the Shuttle crew. That still puts a smile on my dial. :-)

My first radio website is at QSL.NET and its webpages are an archive to what I was doing up until several years ago, when I thought I would go and get my own dot com.


QSL website needs to be updated, and generally relate to spacecraft in LEO. and VHF.


The website no.2 above has of course grown to include a lot of my other interests, which are also being introduced as time permits. Banknotes, stamps, meteorites etc. There is also my archive of circuits, op manuals and service manuals that may interest you.

Recently I have got it in my head that I need to archive and document audio spacecraft recordings from years ago, because these spacecraft no longer exists or do not operate.

I had a big score a few days ago, when Chris VK3AML found some old reels of tape of the AO-5 Australis Oscar 5 satellite, post launch and satellite tuning tests made on January 23 1970. Chris transferred the audio from tape to mp3 and emailed the file to me. The recording lasts for 54 minutes and is on my site along with some other audio space recordings.


This page above has the AO-5 mp3 on it. The little rocket pic at the bottom of the page goes to the index page of the site.

CW from spacecraft, yes it still comes down. Surprisingly, the Russians still launch satellites that send telemetry in CW. A few days ago, I heard the RS-30 satellite on UHF, CW ID and bursts of telemetry. This satellites other name is 'Yubileiny'.

Now, because I'm not very good at CW, and wanted to know what all this was, coming down from the heavens, I made a program that decodes the codes.

You do need to have your CW already though, it wil not do it on the fly. So, you either need to be proficient at CW, or a user of a CW to text program like me, CWget comes to mind, there is another, I listed it recently on the RS decoder page. Yes it is FREE. It was originally made for RS12/13, which has since been destroyed by Solar Radiation after passing through the SAA (South Atlantic Anomaly), I recently added the RS15 codes, that satellite is still online. I will include other RS codes as they come to me. RS16 is also a dead bird, but someone may use it from an old recording, so, I'll include them also.


Radio Sputnik Telemetry Translator decoding software, is a works in progress project. Any information you may have that is relevant is most welcome.

Also at VK3UKF you can find software for NASA mars images and deep space spacecraft files. A bit of software I put together using 2 languages, Delphi and Python was deveolped in order to view the raw image data from spacecraft as images, this is the higher resolution stuff you don't get to see, because, jpg's gifs, etc on the net are a lot less resolved than the NASA *.img file data. They are MERDAT+ and Sojourner Viewer 1. With the jpgs and standard images, data is encoded in the filename, with the NASA *.img files, data is actually blocks of text within the file and image data is raw code.



Screen shots and insructions for programs are on each page.

Have you got any old satellite or space recordings that go back a bit?

If you do, you have history, please do give me a prod.




VK3UKF Sept 2009


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