CQ de VK2IXV =

QRA Herman Willemsen VK2IXV. QTH Kiama NSW. I've been a professional Wireless Telegraphist on Dutch merchant ships and on Papua Newguinean & Australian Coast Radio Stations. When I retired I started collecting Morse keys. Their different styles and their history continue to fascinate me. At present I'm not operating from home, but operate at regular intervals from one of the radio huts on board the former Australian warship HMAS Vampire/VK2CCV, which is permanently moored in Darling Harbour Sydney. My key collection has grown to about 70 keys, including many semi-automatic (bug) keys. Below are pictures of 3 of my keys, a 1910 Australian Pendograph, a WW2 Canadian Wilson reversible bug (which can be turned upside down to be used left handed) and a 1914 American Vibroplex Original #51615 with Japanned base. I am always on the lookout for more keys, especially bug keys made in Australia. 73s

Brought to you by: Goldfields DX Amateur Radio Group

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