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  (hits: 2486 ) [15/01/2006]

CW straigh key club
 WP3C Homepage and DX References   

  (hits: 1901 ) [19/09/2005]

Here you will found info about WP3C station and links about Dx Cluster, Live Chat, Propagation, Contest, etc.
 W5WWW's Top Ham Sites List   

  (hits: 2413 ) [19/09/2005]

Top Ham Sites
 World Radio   

  (hits: 1783 ) [23/06/2005]

uSA mag that does Ham Radio and has AWARDS..W-100-N,W-31-N (psk) w 24 time zones..Interesting Nations are a different group to ARRL DXCC listing es no xx/xxxxx calls

  (hits: 2176 ) [29/04/2004]

Ballart Amateur Radio Group inc Interesting web site with irlp hints
 Radio Station VK3UKF   

  (hits: 2316 ) [25/01/2003]

This is my brand new 2003 web site, welcome to Radio Station VK3UKF
 Register of Radiocommunication Licences   

  (hits: 2109 ) [4/10/2002]

The register is intended to be a handy source of reference information on radiocommunications services. Information gathered via this interface is on a realtime basis.
 Queensland Digital Group Inc.   

  (hits: 1916 ) [26/09/2002]

Amateur Radio Digital communications and links
 Wireless Institute Australia   

  (hits: 2484 ) [10/09/2002]

The WIA was formed in 1910. It is the world's oldest radio society and has been the single voice for Amateur Radio enthusiasts in Australia since its inception. It is the official Radio Body for Ham Radio in Victoria and sponsors Becons, Repeators and other things.
 CommLinx Solutions Pty Ltd   

  (hits: 2036 ) [18/08/2002]

An Australian site with links to Schematics of of lots of different electronic equipment.
 Schematics of radios   

  (hits: 2563 ) [18/08/2002]

Russin Site with different Schematics of different radios that are downloadable in zip format
 Ham Radio Modification   

  (hits: 2255 ) [13/08/2002]

The biggest WWW sites on internet for tips, tricks, and modifications of HAM rigs, HAM modems, etc, and it's free to use.
 Vk3pa Site   

  (hits: 2161 ) [10/08/2002]

This was the personal web site of Allan Greening, which is now closed after he passed away on the 21st February 2013 in a road accident in central Victoria. R.I.P Allan
No links in this category
 David Greening Web Design   

  (hits: 1779 ) [10/07/2006]

This is a home site of the company that made this site and can create a site for your club as well.