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(Free up your bench from the clutter of hand mics)

VK3CJS - member Goldfields DX Amateur Radio Group: VK3JA

My old hamshack nearly drove me mad. What a tangle of microphones and leads. If only I could hang a couple of mics on skyhooks.... well, why not try ?

I had an old cantilever desk lamp with a broken shade... just the thing. The only problem was that the microphone lead would have to run over and behind the rigs through the RF "hot zone".......... I bring open wire feeders into the shack for HF.

........ so the mic should be equipped with a preamp, good RF suppression and quality shielded cable to prevent RF feedback. No problem! I use an old ICOM 251 2m allmode which has such a mike (the 8 - pin plug is a dead giveaway; they use one of the extra pins to provide power for the preamp).

I would also have to forgo my conventional PTT switch. VOX takes care of SSB mode but is not enabled on FM. The source of all things (local rubbish tip) provided me with a nice foot-switch from a dictation machine.

Trying out the geometry of the cantilever in situ, it became obvious that the microphone would need plenty of reach so I could slouch in my chair properly. A foot long piece of tubing (preferably aluminium for screening) would give my mic a nice "shotgun" style extension.